I took this Jung personality-type quiz, and got the result Introvert-iNtuitive-Feeler-Perceiver. The more I read about this personality-type, the more I feel like it’s spot on for me.

There are plenty of websites that explain these personality-types, and I was surprised that there are even many sites that are dedicated to INFP specifically (like INFP Central). From these sites, I am getting a clearer picture of myself and why I am unhappy in my current job. Many of the descriptions talk about caring more about cooperation and people than other personality-types. INFPs need their job to mean something. I related to this post that lists possible INFP careers in its opening paragraph about assuming that, if you are INFP, you likely hate your job. I felt similar to the author when he mentioned making a quick choice in college to pursue Computer Science, and how that bit him in the ass.

I didn’t even necessarily make a quick choice in college; I think I just let my math ability and growing number of math credits lead the way. This was probably a big mistake.

Anywho, I feel like I am finding some direction, which is wonderful and new to me. I’ve started noting industries I might like, and as of today, companies that sound nice. At this point, I am still a bit all over the place thinking about jobs related to HR, B&Bs, boutique stores, research, event planning, or ornithology. After reading more into INFPs, I realized I should focus on nonprofit companies; these could give me a feeling of worth and they offer a wide variety of positions and departments.

7 thoughts on “INFP

  1. Just open an aviary. Open bird sanctuary. Charge people to come in and hang out with the birds all around. Yes there would be bird shit everywhere, but at least there would be birds too!

    • I love this! Not sure the money would be there … but one day if I’m rich I would do this for pleasure.

    • yes, agree. i’m an infp and i want everyone to play nice and it needs to be meaningful. i’m in corporate. it’s a bad fit. been at it for years. perfectionist work style but i can’t/won’t compete in negative/unfair/pushy ways. i get nowhere with all my creative diligence. i’m depressed.

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